Hitachi spare parts (Hitachi)

Spare parts for any types special equipment Hitachi at attractive prices and high quality.
Stoparts Ltd supply Hitachi spare parts for excavators of any modifications: tracked, wheeled, and also with increased maneuverability.

There are Hitachi spare parts for loaders in our assortment, Hitachi spare parts for bulldozers. We also supply spare parts for demolition equipment. In short, in our company you can buy spare parts from Hitachi for any specialized equipment of this company.

The Japanese company Hitachi, founded in 1910 in the town of the same name, in addition to many varieties of household and computer equipment, also produces a large assortment of various construction and other special equipment.

Having started its takeoff with the production of small motors, the company now produces the most powerful power units with which its heavy equipment is equipped. Hydraulic excavators of this brand are especially popular in our country; other road, repair, construction equipment, such as bulldozers, loaders, cranes, mining dump trucks, are also used. Among the achievements of the company is the EX8000, the world’s largest excavator.

Despite the significant reliability of Japanese equipment (more than 90 thousand hours, for example, is the resource of the heaviest Hitachi excavators), it is also repaired from time to time. To repair any construction or repair machines of this brand, you will need original or non-original Hitachi spare parts.

Buy Hitachi spare parts from our company and be sure – they will not let you down in any working situation.

The assortment of STOPARTS LTD includes such spare parts as parts for transmission, differential, various Hitachi engine parts, cooling system parts, hydraulic units and spare parts, filters and much more. By making a request, you will probably be able to find exactly what you need.

Note that when buying Hitachi spare parts from STOPARTS LTD, you are purchasing original or non-original parts at your request, which will not let you down in any working situation.

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