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STOparts – STOparts - is a company that supplies parts to all kinds of technology manufacturers from Turkey and other countries.

We represent the interests of spare parts manufacturers from Turkey. To date, we are working with more than 25 manufacturers in various fields both in the wholesale and retail market.

All represented companies manufacturers of spare parts for special, construction, agricultural machinery manufacture products of very high quality, as well as export it to many countries in Europe, America and Asia.


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Our specialization

Our specializationWe are specialized on wholesale and retail deliveries of repair parts to all types of technique. For today, we have possibility to supply to repair part to freight, special, to the building, agricultural technique. Also, we can put for you any repair parts on your query.


Our advantages

Our advantages– plant prices from the producers of repair parts;
– it is comfortable and rapid delivery of your order in any countries the CIS;
– it is a wide assortment of original repair parts and analogues;
– it is a manufacturability of wide spectrum of repair parts under an order;
– it is high quality of products;

– it is the best at the market of repair parts correlation of price and quality.


History of company

History of company2012 a year is creation of company Stoparts in Istanbul, Turkey;
2012-2014 year is a sale of repair parts in a wholesale-retail segment for passenger and freight cars;
2014-2015 year is introduction in work of company of new directions, namely repair parts to the special, building and agricultural technique;
2016 a year is work of company in the wholesale-retail sales of repair parts including a road-building, special, agricultural technique.


Delivery, payment and custom

Delivery, payment and customFor today, we carry our delivery of commodities in any country due to agreements with many transport companies, that do transportation a sea, dry land or air.
Payment produced in the individual order by arrangement.
Also, we give to our clients the complete spectrum of services in custom control.



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