Article about the brand EPIROC

  1. Safety and reliability - Epiroc places a strong emphasis on safety and reliability in its products and services.The company's equipment is designed to be safe and easy to operate, while also providing high levels of performance and durability. Epiroc also offers training and support to help customers maintain and operate their equipment safely and efficiently.
  2. Digitalization and automation - Epiroc is leveraging digitalization and automation to drive productivity and efficiency in the mining and construction industries. The company's SmartROC D65 drill rig, for example, uses advanced sensors and algorithms to optimize drilling operations and reduce costs. Epiroc is also integrating its equipment with other digital platforms and technologies, such as drones and autonomous vehicles, to create a more seamless and efficient mining and construction ecosystem.
  3. Customer-centric approach - Epiroc puts customers at the center of its business, focusing on their needs and preferences to create tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. The company works closely with customers to understand their challenges and opportunities, and it provides ongoing support and service to ensure their success.
  4. Employee development and engagement - Epiroc values its employees and invests in their development and engagement. The company provides opportunities for employees to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, and it fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. Epiroc also offers competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.
  5. Financial performance - Epiroc has a strong financial performance, with a track record of sustainable growth and profitability. In 2020, the company reported revenues of SEK 36.7 billion (approximately USD 4.3 billion) and an operating margin of 22.6%. Epiroc's financial stability and strength enable it to invest in research and development, expand its global reach, and create value for customers and shareholders.
  6. Industry leadership - Epiroc is a recognized leader in the mining and construction industries, with a reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability. The company has received numerous awards and accolades for its products and services, and it is widely regarded as a thought leader in the industry. Epiroc's leadership position enables it to shape the future of mining and construction, and to drive positive change and impact.
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