Special equipment cooling system spare parts

Special equipment cooling system spare parts
  • Spare parts of the cooling system of special equipment with shipment around the world
  • During operation, all components and parts of road-building machines are subjected not only to heavy loads, but also to strong heat. This contributes to premature wear of products and can lead to jamming in the absence of proper cooling. To avoid equipment breakdowns and downtime due to overheating, it is necessary to install original spare parts for the cooling system of special equipment or their high-quality counterparts, which you can always buy at STOPARTS.
  • Causes of breakdowns in the cooling system
  • Heat removal from the mechanisms of special equipment during operation can be carried out in three ways: with the help of air flow, due to the circulation of coolant in the system, in a combined way.
  • The main reasons for the breakdown of the cooling system of heavy equipment are:
    • the formation of scale or corrosion on the walls of system parts;
    • clogging of pipeline channels with dirt and other foreign particles;
    • foaming of the liquid as a result of air entering the system or due to a chemical reaction to foreign substances;
  • You can eliminate such malfunctions by dismantling and cleaning the elements of the system, replacing the coolant and, most often, installing new parts instead of failed ones.
  • Important! Remember that only high-quality coolant and original spare parts for the cooling system of special equipment will prevent a recurrence of the situation and avoid unplanned repairs.
  • Why choose spare parts from STOPARTS?
  • Our catalog of spare parts for the cooling system includes such components as: water pumps (pumps), fans, water and oil coolers for the following categories of special equipment:
    • loaders, excavators, bulldozers, earth-moving machines;
    • tractors and combines;
    • pavers;
    • trucks, tractors, buses;
    • drilling equipment.
  • All original spare parts are produced at the enterprises of such world famous brands as: CAT, JCB, JOHN DEERE, LIEBHERR, KOMATSU, ISUZU, VOLVO, HATZ, HYUNDAI and others. Also in STOparts  you can order high-quality analogues made in Turkey and other European countries at an affordable price and with a manufacturer's warranty.
  • To order spare parts for the cooling system of special equipment and their delivery to your country, contact our manager in any way convenient for you. Our specialist will provide all the information you are interested in and promptly transfer your order to the relevant departments of our company for execution.

  • Do not forget that for quick processing of the application, provide the part number of the required cooling system spare part - Mandatory!

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