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Dear friends! This year was eventful and fruitful for all of us. It gave us more life wisdom and strength. Our cooperation has been valuable experience which was a key to success in every single case. We have carried out many decisions together, and fulfilled a lot of deliveries, as well as kept your machinery in line during the whole year! We believe that this year will be marked as a prosperous one in history.

In the course of its work, every day Stoparts expands the range of spare parts for different types of equipment. In addition to spare parts for special, construction, agricultural machinery, we are engaged in wholesaleand retail delivery of spare parts for trucks. In the assortment of spare parts of our warehouse you can find spare parts for trucks of such brands: Man, Daf, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, Renault, Ford Cargo, Iveco.

What is Cummins? Cummins are primarily diesel engines for good vehicle and buses, ships, railway transport, agricultural, road construction and other industrial equipment, diesel-generator sets, engine components: filters, turbochargers, exhaust systems, etc.

Stoparts company sells a large number of spare parts for agricultural and special-purpose machinery. Here you can buy radiators for tractors and combines, excavators, loaders, graders and other equipment in different models and modifications. All spare parts are of high quality and ready to work in hard conditions.

Ports are highly loaded logistics nodes, through which millions of tons of cargo pass daily. According to this, an urgent need in using the most efficient and reliable technology in the ports is absolutely justified. Not surprisingly, the ports are under scrutiny, global equipment manufacturers than ever before.

Agricultural equipment is an essential assistant agricultural market. Now different kinds of tractors and harvesters perform almost all the tasks when creating Agroproduct. Today there are a large number of brands of farming, the most popular among them are the CIS market (Case), NEW Holland, Claas, JohnDeere, Chellenenger, DeutzFahr, Laverda, MasseyFerguson, CAT and others.

STOPARTS Company offers spare parts for road-building equipment Vogele. Our company has a large number of spare parts which are on stock, as well as under the order. Road construction equipment Vogele gained its popularity in the markets of CIS, Asia and Europe. Here you can buy spare parts for all units and units of road construction equipment Vogele.



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