STOparts is a company that supplies spare parts for all types of equipment from manufacturers and dealers in Turkey.

For today we work with more than 120 manufacturers in various directions both in the wholesale and in the retail segment of the market. All presented companies of manufacturers of spare parts for special, construction, agricultural machinery produce products of very high quality, and also export it to many countries of Europe, America and Asia.

Our specialization

Stoparts with SORS brand specialize in wholesale and retail supply of spare parts for all types of heavy equipment.

Today, we have the opportunity to supply spare parts and components for trucks, special machinery, construction equipment, agricultural machinery. Also we can produce any spare parts for you upon your request.

Our advantages

– factory prices from manufacturers of spare parts;

– convenient and fast delivery of your order to any countries;

– a wide range of original spare parts and analogs;

– possibility of manufacturing a wide range of spare parts for the order;

– high quality of products;

– the best price-quality ration on the market of spare parts for heavy machinery.

History of the company

2012 – the establishment of Stoparts in Istanbul, Turkey;

2012-2014 – sales of spare parts in the wholesale and retail segment for cars and trucks;

2014-2015 – introduction of new directions in the company’s work, namely spare parts for special, construction and agricultural machinery;

2016 – the company’s work in wholesale and retail sales of spare parts, including road-building, special, agricultural machinery.

2019-2020 – Stoparts Group with SORS brand name has introduced a new line of products for the drilling industry and drilling equipment. At the moment, we manufacture more than 2500 items of spare parts for drilling equipment and hydraulic perforators under the order of our clients.

You can DOWNLOAD a catalog of some manufactured items for drilling equipment and drilling equipment.

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