Terms and Conditions

Supply of spare parts during the period starting

from the date of this Agreement and ending with [*****],

or if Seller (or Seller's successor) terminates

production of aggregates for Third Parties or ceases

production of spare parts and special equipment components

before the expiration of such [*****] period

(“Discontinued Operations”) prior to the date of the Discontinued Operations

The seller (or such assignee) must manufacture spare parts

fixtures and assemblies for wagons, which are the property of

the Seller or the Seller's successors. ("Spare parts")

and must be provided to the Buyer for purchase

at the seller's market price. In case the date

Terminated activity occurs before expiration

such [*****] period, the Seller (or the Seller's successor)

sends to the Buyer as soon as possible

written notice of such Stopped Operations,

but in no event less than [*****] notice.

In addition, if the Seller learns in writing that

that any of its Suppliers will cease production

any Parts, the Seller must in writing

notify the Buyer of the decision of such Supplier

as soon as he becomes aware of it.