Transmission spare parts

Transmission spare parts
  • Spare parts for transmission (gearbox) of special equipment from the company StoParts
  • Owners of heavy machines for road construction or agricultural work often face the challenge of finding a reliable supplier of spare parts. The STOPARTS company offers original spare parts, as well as high-quality analogues for the transmission of loaders, excavators, bulldozers, earth-moving machines, tractors and combines, asphalt pavers, tractor trucks, buses, drilling equipment and other special equipment.
  • The main elements of the transmission of special equipment
  • The transmission transmits torque from the engine crankshaft to the wheels or tracks of the machine. The device of this node may differ slightly depending on the type of equipment, however, the main elements always remain a constant value.
  • These include:
    • gearbox (checkpoint);
    • clutch;
    • power take-off shafts;
    • drive axles (front and rear);
    • cardan shaft.
  • All these nodes include many more small parts, the totality of which ensures the smooth operation of the machine as a whole. It is easy to guess that the failure of one of them can lead to the immobilization of equipment, its downtime and, accordingly, large financial losses. To prevent this from happening, buy only original transmission spare parts for special equipment or their high-quality counterparts from reliable and trusted suppliers, which include STOPARTS.
  • STOPARTS is a reliable supplier of components for the transmission of special equipment
  • For 10 years of work in the CIS and European markets, we have gained more than three hundred regular customers who note the following advantages of working with our company:
    • a wide range of original parts and high-quality analogues from leading manufacturers;
    • quality assurance for all components sold by the company;
    • delivery to any country in the world through international certified carriers;
    • competent personnel for the selection of spare parts and advice on what type of spare part to use, as well as affordable prices
  • To buy transmission spare parts for special equipment with delivery to your country, contact our manager in any way convenient for you. Our specialist will help you choose the necessary part, promptly place an order and transfer it to the relevant departments of our company for execution.
  • STOPARTS company - high-quality components for special equipment at an affordable price.

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