Spare parts for special equipment and agricultural machinery from Turkey

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Spare parts and components for special equipment

Here you can buy original and aftermarket spare parts and components,
as well as high-quality analogues of spare parts for special equipment, agricultural machinery,
drilling equipment, trucks, tractors, harvesters, road construction
and quarry equipment with worldwide delivery.

Spare parts for special equipment with worldwide delivery
Road construction and drilling equipment is subjected to heavy loads
during operation, which contributes to the rapid wear of its elements.
In most cases, the failure of one part leads to a complete stop of the machine and its downtime.
And this, in turn, is associated with disruptions in the timing of work.
and large financial losses.

To avoid this situation, you must always have at hand
reliable supplier of components,
which will supply spare parts for machinery in a timely manner and prevent a production disaster.

STOPARTS - timely shipment of spare parts for special equipment around the world

Timely delivery of spare parts for special equipment is the main mission of our company.

You can always order components for the following units and systems of heavy equipment from us:
  • axles and differentials;
  • internal combustion engines (ICE) and electric motors;
  • cooling systems parts an radiators;
  • hydraulic parts, hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, valves;
  • transmission (gearbox) parts;

Our catalog of spare parts for special equipment includes more than 500 thousand items
parts for various types and models of road construction,
agricultural, trucks, drilling and quarry equipment.

All components are original products or high-quality analogues.

Original parts are produced at factories of such world famous brands as:

analogues - at factories in Europe, Turkey, America, Korea and Japan.

The quality of analog products is not much inferior to original spare parts,
and in some cases, is on the same level with them.

Why do they trust us?
Our company has been on the market since 2012.

During this time we have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier
high-quality and reasonable prices of spare parts for special equipment from world famous manufacturers.

Among other advantages of cooperation with us, our clients note the following points:
  • fast delivery of components to all over the world thanks to international logisticians;
  • a wide range of original spare parts and analogues for different types of special equipment;
  • production of spare parts under the order using the original sample of the spare part;
  • optimal combination of price-quality-speed;
To order spare parts for special equipment with delivery to your country
or for more information, contact our representative
in any way convenient for you or visit our office at the address,
which you can find in the contact section,
and also get directions through the embedded Google map to us.